Saturday, July 5, 2014

C2 - Haiti Travel Team Reflection

Today's Travel Team reflection is from Bruce McEntee:

On our drive into Labrande I prayed for God's presence at the summer camp, and that His Holy Spirit would provide much joy and blessings for the children.

Always at camp, God shows us His love at work in amazing little ways. Many small children are held by the hand and walked into camp by an older brother or sister and attended to until they are comfortable being left in their classroom. The same brother and sister may later on at breakfast and lunch share a spoon, cup, and bowl brought from home. Each will use it and wash it out for the other. So sweet, so nice, and so loving.

When I enter the little boys' classroom each morning they greet me by name (Buce!) and they immediately make room on their tiny bench for me. I have my pick of a dozen seats, with many little smiling faces. It makes one feel so welcomed and appreciated in a crowded classroom on a hot Haiti summer camp morning.

The families at St. Anne's are so proud of their children. Those of us who have spent time with them realize just how beautiful, polite, and gracious they are. 

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