Tuesday, July 1, 2014

C2 - Haiti Trip Update

The team has settled in and become a vital part of the summer camp in Labrande.  During the opening songs and cheers this morning, Fr. Effener and Carol entertained everyone by dancing the Charleston!  Kiki, another graduate of St. Anne's who is home for the summer from secondary school in Gonaives, also joined in the dance. Bruce remembered from previous trips how shy Kiki had been, so it was great to see him dancing with the team and the animators.

The Bible lesson today was on the topic of wisdom - how making good decisions now prevents sorrow and regret later.  The team was impressed that this lesson was given to the children by a young animator named Odana,  who is only a teenager herself.  After the Bible lesson, the team settled in with the kids doing crafts: Erin worked with the older kids as they learned how to make macrame bracelets.  Connie, Carol and Bruce helped make lanterns out of tissue paper, while Jen played games with the youngest children.  The highlight of the camp day was when four little girls approached the team to sing a welcome song in French.

After camp, Fr. Effener took the team into Gonaives, the city of approximately 300,00 people which is about 45 minutes south of Labrande.  The road between Labrande and Gonaives is not paved and is very rocky, so it seems like a much longer ride! The team first visited a clinic/orphanage run by the Missionaries of Mercy.  They were were deeply affected by the rows of cribs of sick children, but also moved by the loving care given to the patients by the sisters.  

Their next stop was a tour of the cathedral of Gonaives, St. Charles Borromeo, and a visit to the bishop's residence next door.  Fr. Effener then took them to meet his parents, who live in Gonaives.  After such a full day of camp and touring the city, the team had a quick meal of hot dogs and french fries before the bumpy ride back to Labrande.

Bruce, Carol, Erin, Jen and Connie are completely engaged with the children, teachers and animators, and the children are thrilled to have them there to enhance the camp experience.  The relationship between St. Anne's and Nativity that was begun by previous Nativity C2- Haiti teams continues to grow with this team.  Please continue to pray for them, and to post comments and encouragement.


  1. Sak pase Team Nativity?
    Wow, what a week so far - you must be exhausted!!! And hot dogs for dinner - hope they stayed down on the ride back!
    You have had some great experiences both at St. Anne's, in Lebrande and now in Gonaives and it's only Tuesday night - that's fantastic.
    We wish you and the children many blessings as you strengthen the relationship between our parishes.
    Bonswa and thank you for representing Nativity!

  2. Carol I know the children enjoyed seeing you perform the opening songs. Thinking of you and your team every day. Sending thoughts and prayers your way. Kerry

  3. So great to hear all of these updates. Sounds like the team is investing in the community there so enthusiastically and tirelessly, and specifically pouring into the children of St. Anne's. We are covering you in prayer throughout the week.

  4. Cindy (home team)July 2, 2014 at 9:27 PM

    What a wonderful trip you are all having so far! Enjoy every moment. I have been praying for everyone that you continue safely along your journey. God shines through each and every one of you :)