Thursday, July 3, 2014

C2 - Haiti Trip Update

The Travel Team has settled in comfortably to the daily routine of the summer camp.  Despite the language differences, they have bonded well with the children, teachers and animators.  They have helped the older children make woven mats and embroidered cloths, and enjoy coloring with the little campers.  Teaching each other Creole and English phrases has also become a favorite part of camp for everyone.

After camp on Wednesday, they accompanied the children on their walk by the river and through the rugged mountains to their homes.  The weather is around 90 degrees with high humidity -- knowing that many of the children walk about 2 hours each way is difficult to comprehend.

After returning to St. Anne's, they relaxed on the porch with Fr. Effener and 2 of the animators, Eric and Daniel.  A highlight of the day was when Carol and  Erin taught them the Cupid Shuffle dance, and later the whole group sang the song "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen.  It was a sweet experience that they will always remember.

The team got to sleep in on Thursday until 7 AM, since Mass was at 5 PM, followed by adoration.  Afterward, Daniel presented them with friendship bracelets with their names spelled out in beads.

The team is beginning to feel the sadness of realizing that Friday is their last full day in Labrande.  They have connected with the people of St. Anne's far more deeply than they had imagined, and have shared wonderful times with the children and adults.  The language and cultural differences have enriched these relationships, rather than being a barrier.  They are more aware than ever that we are all God's children, and what we have in common is much deeper than any differences.

Please continue to keep Bruce, Erin, Jen, Connie and Carol in your prayers, along with Fr. Effener, the children and the animators.

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  1. Every day seems to bring an incredible blend of fun with the reality of life in Haiti. We cannot wait to read the blog posts each day to hear about your adventures. You are all in our thoughts and prayers - happy Fourth of July!!!