Saturday, August 30, 2014

Kenya Team Reflection

Over the next few days we'll be posting reflections from our Kenya missionaries. Today's reflection is from the team leader, Kathleen Leslie.


We had so many opportunities to experience every day life with the people of Kawira. We observed and even taught in a preschool class learning Kawiran songs and teaching American songs to the kids. We tried games that were successful (volleyball and the Hokey Pokey) and some that were not (Jenga is NOT a playground game!)

We made chapatti and chai tea, but also got to chat with Kawiran folks about everyday things: their children, their crops, our own family experiences, and the fact that I don’t cook, an oddity in Kawira that the women found hilarious and the men found unbelievable.

We sang and danced in the streets of Kawira, at first self-consciously and later without a care about the fact that we can’t dance, sing or even remember the words to songs we do know.

We experienced the sorrow of leaving. I boarded the bus early, because, frankly, I couldn’t take it. Andrew, the 410 Bridge Country Leader, came and hauled me off the bus. He made me grow even in sorrow. I had to experience the full sorrow of leaving, not just the joy of coming and living with my new friends.

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  1. Thanks, Kathleen! We learned so much from our friends and wonderful experiences in Kawira. We bring all of these home and relive them through the people we meet right here in Maryland. Thank you for teaching us that we too can learn Kikyuyu. :-)