Thursday, September 4, 2014

Kenya Team Reflection

Today's reflection is from Kenya team member Holly Battaglia


"Oh Happy Day"

Not a day goes by that I am not humming one of these tunes in my head since my return from Kawira. From the moment we stepped off the bus at the school yard in Kawira, we were immediately pulled into a joyful group of community members singing, dancing, and worshiping. We were welcomed by several different groups of women, teens, and school children... all presenting their favorite song, dance, and worship. Sunday we attended two local churches that once again praised God primarily through song. Our days at the school were often filled with more favorites that the children loved to teach us. We even tried to teach them a few of our favorites! The final day was a beautiful prayer walk that was primarily women, again praising and worshiping through song and chant. The community of Kawira is filled with beautiful, joyful people and the songs of their home will forever ring in my heart!

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  1. Holly - your life is a living example of the village of Kawira. Thank you for all that you do.