Tuesday, July 7, 2015

C2 - Haiti Home Team Reflection

Today's Home Team reflection is from Home Team Leader, Cindy Dohony:

As the home team leader this year, it has been a privilege to get to know these amazing five travelers, Carol (the team leader), Kelli, Kelsey, Carly, and John. What strikes me about this group is that they are so youthful and vibrant yet also very mellow. They are the essence of calmness and truly are a breath of fresh air. I have no doubts that the closeness and bonding they have been experiencing here through Nativity will spill over to St. Anne’s Parish and its children. Nativity started their journey with this parish in Haiti in 2010 and the members and relationships keep growing.

It is so important that we have this continued association with Fr. Effener, whether it’s the July mission trip or the year-round lunch program sponsored by Nativity, to show our commitment between the two parishes. In Father Effener’s words “Our lunch program plays a fundamental role in getting kids to school. In Haiti we have the expression ‘A hungry belly has no ears’. Without the lunch program, we could not have school in Haiti. The students and parents thank The Church of the Nativity for your generosity and support.” Couple this with our yearly summer visit, this truly is a match made in Heaven. “Our students, teachers and parents are all impatiently waiting for the summer camp in July. They have already begun plans and are grateful to be able to continue this program with Nativity”

I would be honored to share with you some excerpts from the send-off prayer we said for the travel team before they left for the airport to head to Haiti on July 4th:

Heavenly Father,

We pray for your help and blessings for this travel team on their mission trip to Haiti. We thank you that each person here is taking time out of their busy lives to serve You by serving others and to continue to build our relationship between Nativity and St Anne’s church.

Thank you Lord for speaking to their hearts and we pray that this trip will be successful in strengthening the faith of every team member. As they see and experience different ways of life, give them new perspective on their lives and about the things that really matter most. Give them the joy of service and relationships made during this trip.

Strengthen their faith and reliance on You. May each team member strongly feel Your Holy Spirit at work in them and through them. Keep them strong mentally, physically and spiritually. Give them safe travels, energy, enthusiasm, and an ability to be flexible if met by opposition. May they be true ambassadors for Christ through their actions both with those they serve and with their fellow team members.


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