Wednesday, July 8, 2015

C2 - Haiti Home Team Reflection

Today's Home Team reflection is from Elizabeth Laffey

Thankfully, our team has arrived safely and are experiencing God's plan this week. As part of the home team for the first time, I've been able to share in the preparation process.  We came together several months ago with different backgrounds, jobs, lifestyles, passions, experiences, strengths, and weaknesses.  We were able to work together well with a common goal in mind, to hear God's word and act. I believe this was the first step in preparing them to strengthen and nurture Nativity's relationship with St. Anne's.  The two churches have different backgrounds, purposes, methods, strengths, and weakness but will work together for a common goal of love. I pray that their time together this week will strengthen their love for God, themselves, and others.

I am very proud of Carol, Kelli, Kelsey, Carly, and John for faithfully stepping outside of their comfort zones, facing opposition, and following the calling God intends for them.  I look forward to learning more about their experiences and the ways their hearts were touched.  God bless, Elizabeth

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