Thursday, July 9, 2015

C2 - Haiti Home Team Reflection

Today's Home Team reflection is from Kathleen Bruns:

Hello Travel Team,

Carol, Carly, Kelsey, Kelli, and John, I have enjoyed reading the blog with the summaries of your week thus far. The photos and smiling faces have been great to see as well. It automatically makes me smile and makes my heart overflow with joy. What a blessing it is that God brought the 5 of you together at this moment in time. The beauty of this week and the experiences you will each have in mind, body, and spirit will be a lasting memory to cherish forever.

May each of you find strength and unity in the team. May journaling be a source of comfort and peace. May your “purple suitcases”, prepared by the home team, provide support, a smile and even a little laugh! We are so honored to be with you in this journey.

It has been a pleasure to be a part of the home team and to have the opportunity to get to know each of you. What an amazing blessing each of you are to Nativity and St. Anne’s. It is so awesome to witness each of you dare so greatly in your walk as a Christian. I look forward to reading about the rest of your week and even more so, to see you again once home, to hear firsthand about your week.

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  1. What a wonderful reflection Kelsey. I can't wait to see you and hear it all in person!