Friday, July 10, 2015

C2 - Haiti Travel Team Reflection

Here's a travel team reflection from team leader, Carol Guarrieri:

It's a little surreal to be back in Haiti knowing I was here only a year ago making new friends at St. Anne's. Our preparation to get here has been a wonderful, in depth process, but when the actual day arrives it's definitely an overwhelming feeling, even for someone returning to the country. 

It's been exactly one year since I was last on the grounds and I was greeted like a family member being welcomed home. Hugs and well wishes were given to me as we arrived on Saturday evening and I was overcome with emotion to know that so many of the people here remembered me. I haven't spoken to them in a year or emailed, or even Facebook friended them, but it was as if I never left. The children jumped right in to dancing with me, playing games and now, greeting our new travel team members and building a friendship with them. The thing that strikes me the most about my experiences here is the acceptance from the children and parishioners of St. Anne's. We are complete strangers, we don't speak the language and yet we are given the red carpet. And when I say the people of this village don't even have a red carpet, I mean they don't even have the thread to make a red carpet. But they still provide whatever they have for our benefit and accommodate our every request.

We could all learn something from the practice of acceptance. Totally and completely allowing another person to come into your home and be whoever they are and welcome them as if they are family. Share our lives, our food, our resources and just enjoy the company. Isn't that what God is always trying to teach us? It seems like the people of LaBrande have heard him loud and clear.

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