Saturday, July 4, 2015

C2 - Haiti Travel Update

The travelers have arrived in Labrande! After landing in Port-au-Prince the team stopped for a late lunch at a restaurant called LaMaison, just outside the airport. Some team members had American hamburgers while others tried Haitian barbecued chicken with friend plantains.

Fr. Effener made rest and shopping stops in St. Marc and took the team to meet his parents at their home in Gonaives.

Everyone enjoyed the daylight drive through the many small towns on market day and were a little awestruck as they entered the gates of St. Anne's.

Evette, the same cook that prepared meals for last year's travel team, greeted them as she was busy making a light supper for everyone.

It's a gorgeous breezy evening and the church grounds are brightly lit. Fr. Effener is already busy hearing confessions as the community prepares for tomorrow's 8 am Sunday mass.

After warm greetings by so many of our friends from prior years, our travelers are walking the beautiful grounds feeling happy but very tired. Tomorrow they will attend 8 am Sunday mass and begin to meet parents, teachers, and many of the eager students.

They deserve lots of rest tonight as their 8 pm arrival at St. Anne's was a 16 hour journey from Nativity's parking lot at 4 am this morning.

We pray that the travel team gets a good night of sleep to help prepare them for the important work they will do this week.


  1. Good luck on your mission :)

  2. It's so exciting to read about your trip so far! I can't wait to hear about your experience at Sunday Mass at St. Anne's. And tomorrow is the first day of camp with all those sweet children! Please give my love to Fr. Effener! A pita! Ellen