Friday, July 10, 2015

C2 - Haiti Trip Update, Friday

The team celebrated their last evening in Labrande with an all-American dinner of hot dogs, hush puppies, French fries, and bread pudding. They are taking in as much of the mountain village and time with friends as they can on one of their final nights. There was also some time to journal and to snack on delicious Haitian chocolate cookies.

This morning, the team had a breakfast of hot crepes and fresh pineapple. Dressed in matching C2 Haiti t-shirts, they headed to the last day of summer camp. The missionaries enjoyed singing and dancing with the children through one last opening exercise. All the children, animators, teachers, and our team were so proud and excited to show Fr. Effener and the parents the finished crafts that represented a week of steady work and dedication. God was surely smiling as He looked down at this beautiful morning.

Everyone at camp gathered for noon Mass, not to celebrate the end of camp, but to thank God for such a wonderful partnership. Our team was asked to stand and be recognized for their loving presence and hard work while shining God's light upon the children at St. Anne’s. The day included lots of hugs, tears, and final goodbyes. This was undoubtedly an emotional day for our team.

Our travelers will set out at 6:30 am tomorrow morning for the drive through market day traffic and crowds into Port-au-Prince. They will board a 1:15 pm flight from Port-au-Prince to Miami.

It is difficult for our travel team to leave. They have all fallen in love with the children of Labrande and the children love them right back. The team’s presence has made a lasting impression and their work has strengthened the bonds between St. Anne’s and Nativity.

We pray for a safe day of travel for our missionaries. Share your prayers for the team in the comments. They will be home tomorrow evening and can’t wait to hug their family and friends.

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