Thursday, July 9, 2015

C2 - Haiti Trip Update, Thursday

Before we get into the update from the travelers today, there is a special message from one of our missionaries. John would like to wish his brother Dan a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

This morning everyone was up early and prepared to savor one of the final two days of camp. Before heading out they filled up on a breakfast of delicious soup, fresh hard cooked eggs, plantains, tropical juices and of course, Haitian coffee.

The morning was devoted to helping the children finish the broad variety of crafts to show off to parents and friends after the noon Mass on Friday. Much effort went into weaving bracelets, paper wall decorations, and cross-stitched cotton hand bags with "Maryland" embroidered on them.

Before setting out to walk some of the children home, our missionaries enjoyed a hearty noon dinner featuring roasted goat, soup, a beautifully arranged platter of corn, carrots, and snap peas and fresh mangoes for dessert. Fresh passion fruit juice was a cool, refreshing drink on another hot, Haiti day.

Mid-afternoon our team walked as many children home as possible along a local hilly country road, dropping them in their front yards. Our team waved goodbye to their young friends and shared warm smiles with their parents. Both the travelers and the students were thankful for another day of fun, laughter, and meaningful connections.

After the walk, everyone attended a 5:00 pm Mass followed by Adoration of the Holy Eucharist. Together with Fr. Effener they thanked God for his presence all week at St Anne's. They are extraordinarily grateful for the love that He placed in their hearts to give freely to all the children. Also, they all have a shared hope for happiness and good health for everyone in Labrande.

Our team is so strong and dedicated and they came to St. Anne's feeling very prepared. And just like previous travel teams, they have faced their share of challenges. God has given them the strength to win out over opposition and has reminded them of the power of five disciples instead of the vulnerability of one alone.

Share your love and support for our team in the comments. And check back tomorrow for more powerful reflections from our missionaries in the field!

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