Sunday, October 11, 2015

Is God Calling You to a Missions Trip?

Do you think God is calling you to a missions trip? If you ask anyone who has gone on a trip before, they will probably tell you that the decision was not an easy one. They will probably then tell you that it was a life-changing experience and they don’t regret going.

There are many reasons to say “yes” to a missions trip. While on your trip you’ll have the opportunity to build relationships not only with our international partners but with your fellow travelers. Going on a trip can also push you out of your comfort zone and give you a chance to grow your faith. Traveling to the ends of the earth to serve God’s people will surely draw you closer to Him.

It’s important to look to God to help you with these major decisions. Turning to Him in prayer can help to quiet the noise in our lives and allow us to listen for an answer. Here is a short prayer to get you started.

Lord, Almighty God,
     source of light, truth, and eternal goodness,
     transform this present moment
     into an hour of vision and inspiration.
Help me to find wisdom;
     shed light on my thoughts.
May my aspirations come true
     through righteous and good deeds.
Give me the strength to concentrate,
     to think objectively,
     and to see clearly.
Shed your light on me so that I may see
     which decision to make.
Help me, O my Eternal God,
     to avoid vanity and pride,
     and thus be able to make worthy decisions
     as a true child of yours.


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