Saturday, April 2, 2016

Appalachia Service Project - Trip Update

It was another wonderful day for our missionaries! The morning began with rain but quickly cleared up to make way for some sun. A few team members even got a little sunburn!

The four work crews continued their work on homes and trailers. Their projects included working on ceilings and flooring, installing tin around the base of a trailer and a new door for the trailer, bathroom remodeling, and roofing. The roofing team experienced some challenges, but they were able to overcome.

Fellowship and teamwork were the highlight of the day. The teams are working well together and they have gotten into a groove. During the day, our missionaries get to spend time with and get to know the families they are helping. One family's one-year-old grandchild lifted his arms to be picked up and the joy on his face left a lasting impression.

In the evening, all the teams came together for a time of sharing. Everyone opened up and was able to talk about their favorite moments and stories from the day. This became a time of true fellowship and our missions team is growing closer to one another each day.

The team has one more day of work and then they will travel home to Maryland on Sunday. God, we ask that you continue to shine your blessings upon our missionaries. Help them to continue and complete the good work they have done. Bless their new friendships and give them safe travel home. Amen!

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