Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Appalachia Service Project - Trip Update

After a night of rain, day two of the trip had our missionaries continuing the projects they began yesterday. Our teams had to remain flexible and adaptable as some jobs grew and changed throughout the day. Janice even went four wheeling with one of the homeowners in his yard!

One of the homes that our missionaries are working in has quite a few kittens roaming around. Michele and some of the other travelers have really enjoyed playing with the cats while taking a break from the day's hard labor. We're sure the cats are having fun meeting all their new friends.

Tonight, the travelers will have an opportunity to spend time reflecting on the trip so far and sharing stories from the day. They are also looking forward to hearing a speaker who is coming in to educate them on the history of West Virginia. We can't wait to hear what they learn!

We continue to pray for our missionaries and the families they are working with. May God keep everyone safe and healthy and bless all the hard work that is being done.


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