Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Appalachia Service Project - Trip Update

Day three of the trip included more construction projects but the most important work today was relational.

One of our teams comforted a family whose premature baby was delayed coming home from the hospital. And to make things more difficult, the hospital is an inconvenient hour and a half away. Janice prayed with the mother and father before they left for the hospital and then provided support to the grandmother once they were on their way. The rest of that team had lunch with the grandmother and fished and talked with the other children. Some of our younger missionaries felt that they really connected with the four little boys during lunch which provided even more support and relief to all family members.

Another group has had two days of interacting with a very frustrated home owner who was difficult to console. Our group has had to redo some things on site that were done by a previous group and it has been understandably frustrating for both sides. Julie was able to provide comfort and support particularly to the female home owner who had been trying unsuccessfully to console her partner. She was so grateful for Julie's loving support. All agreed on a plan to continue the mission to provide the family a dry secured home by the end of the week with a new roof.
As the day's activities were winding to a close, the staff invited all of our missionaries to meet at the Dairy Queen for ice cream. There they discussed the jobs that they have been working on and were reminded about the theme of the week- "handiwork." The whole group reflected that we are all God's handiwork and He has made us all with unique and special gifts. Our gifts can all be combined together to make something wonderful.

What a beautiful lesson from our team that we can all learn something from. We are so grateful for our missionaries and that they are kind enough to share their gifts with the world. Pray for God to continue to bless them on this trip.

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