Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Haiti Home Team Reflection

For each NativityMissions team that travels abroad to one of our partner communities, there are also folks serving from home, helping to invest in and support those traveling. Serving on the 'Home Team' is a great way to serve in Missions without going anywhere. While our Haiti Travel Team is on the ground this week, we'll be posting reflections on the blog from members of the Haiti Home Team.

Today's Home Team reflection is from team leader, Cindy Dohony:
As my fourth year on the home team, I am amazed how each year we grow and change as group. Traditionally in the past we have had 4-5 travelers, but this year we jumped to 17 adding the wonderful teens and their fearless leader. Working, praying and preparing with such a diverse group of individuals in age, background, experiences, and faith journeys, it has been a blessing to be a part of this process. In our preparation throughout the past four months, I have seen relationships among the travelers build and grow strong. The most unlikely people to ever form a friendship were doing so under the watchful eye of our Lord with his love radiating down on them. He knew long before we did that these amazing 17 travelers would be together this week working with the people of Monarch and 410 Bridge. They are making a difference together as a team and as individuals as they grow in their love and spirit representing Nativity. I am truly blessed to have a front row seat witnessing this transformation. In this unpredictable world we now live in, it just demonstrates that God's good work is at hand.

Lord, may your calming hand, gentle whisper and loving arms lift up the travelers and protect them each day. Give them the strength to focus on You and Your love for them. We know it was in Your plan that this Haiti Team be together right now fulfilling your work. Grant them the courage to walk side by side with this remarkable community of Mondach. Let them take heart that the truth is in Christ and they are your able missionaries.

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