Sunday, July 10, 2016

Haiti Travel Update

Tonight, we are so blessed to have another reflection directly from our missionaries. Our college students, Sarah, Kelsey, Kalie, and Kevin collaborated to share these beautiful words with us:

Sitting in the gazebo in our backyard, a clap of thunder boomed overhead, winds are picking up and clouds are covering. We’ve never been so grateful to hear thunder. To explain, we’ll go to the beginning of the day. For many members of the team our day started sometime before 6am and we met together outside to pray a rosary to our beautiful Mother Mary with the intention of rain in Monarch. Yesterday members of the community told us about their corn crop being in dire need of water. The people of Monarch depend on the corn for food and for their economy. Let it rain, Lord, let it rain. Our rosary was also offered for all of you at home. Know that you are on our hearts and we love you and are praying for you.

Starting our day in prayer, our souls were infused with a peace that can only come from God. After the rosary we transitioned into a breakfast of eggs (sorry Jacque), bananas, bread, jam, and mango juice. Bellies and hearts full, we bug-sprayed, applied sunscreen, and prepared to head out for the day. After some card games, we prayed and piled into the cars and were off down the beautiful, bumpy road to praise and give thanks to our God with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Our group of seventeen turned into nineteen when we got to Port-au-Prince with Fabnise, our fabulous translator and coordinator, and Dee, our amazing 410 Bridge leader. We didn’t know it until two days ago, but God had a 19-piece puzzle for each of us to fill. We are so awed at the awesomeness of how God loves us and how he knows our hearts far deeper and better than we do. God’s grace is abundant here and we are sinking so deep in gratitude that God has already been here preparing our hearts and preparing our way. We have a team whose hearts are open and whose members have deep capacities to love - we are learning so much from one another. So much about trusting deeper and loving fuller and we will wake up tomorrow, aware that God has prepared our way and will bless us every step.

"And leaves us breathless in awe and wonder...” Those words are from “This is Amazing Grace” by Phill Wickham. They represent how we feel as we embark on this journey and sink deep in gratitude for our God who takes our breath away time and time again. Our travel team sang this song during a baptist church service this morning. During the service, our team felt connected through the praise and worship of God. The joy, happiness, and love of the parishioners was so contagious. The people here embody Christ’s vision of an open-door church. We were immediately welcomed and asked to individually introduce ourselves to the congregation. God showed us how our prayers have been answered - we are an answered prayer for them as they were for us. There is so much beauty in reciprocal answered prayers. We engaged in hand holding and lots of loving in the dirt lot overlooking mountains and rivers as far as our eyes can see. Kelsey in particular played a hand game she played last year with the Haitian children and wanted help with explaining the rules to the children. Five seconds later a translator came over to her and a young boy to show him how to play. In that moment, Kelsey truly felt God’s presence as she understood how she can’t do everything alone in life.

After a hearty lunch consisting of beef macaroni and cheese, fried fish, and plantains, we prepared for afternoon bible study activities. Kevin and Bruce starred in their breakout roles as Nehemiah and King Artaxerxes, and the Haitian children learned about the importance of keeping joy alive, trusting God, and allowing Him to give us strength. Being able to make the children laugh at the cost of being silly took us out of our comfort zones, but somehow put us in our element. Being an important bible character, or acting like a silly monkey brought the children joy, but also brought joy to us.

Before the bible story, we sang “This little light of Mine” in English and then Fabnise led the children singing “This little light of Mine” in Creole. After the bible story, the team leaders handed out coloring pages based on the story of Nehemiah. When the children started coloring, many of the adults wanted to join in on this rare opportunity. While some of the travelers were helping the younger kids color, Sarah had an opportunity to sit with a mother and a baby. The baby’s name was Jebson and was 5 months old. It was a blessing to have this mother hand over her newborn. Sarah felt an overwhelming amount of love and trust and joy. It was very difficult to take back the crayons at the end of the day. We all gathered together to take a picture with the people of the community before saying goodbye for the day. The team is now resting and reflecting before they turn in for the night. We ask for prayers of good health for the travel team and rain for the crops in Monarch.

In Christ and with so much love,
Sarah, Kelsey, Kalie, and Kevin

A huge THANK YOU to our travelers for continuing to include us in their special journey. We are praying for them every day! Leave your prayers in the comments.


  1. We are praying for you all and this post was so truly inspiring to read. Continue to bring love, open hearts and minds to the community. We pray for more success in the days ahead. Amen.

  2. Such a wonderful and blessed day! We will pray for rain and for everyone on this trip as they spread such love and joy to everyone they meet. Joe & Jodi

  3. Kayla I love looking at the pictures and seeing joy and happiness on your face and on everyone faces. I love reading the blog and all good things that the team is doing in God's name. Praying for the community of Monarch and the children.

  4. This a beautiful testament of God's love. Thank you for sharing this journey with us. Sending prayers, love and hugs to all. God bless each and everyone of you!❤️

  5. Love hearing about the ways God is working in and through you all. God doesn't call those who are equipped - He equips those who He calls. You are all testament to that and an inspiration to the rest of us. May God continue to bless and keep you all in the palm of His hand. With so much love from Baltimore. xo Katrina and Greg

  6. Such beautiful and poetic words used in your descriptions. You have certainly illustrated a wonderful picture of the work and blessing He is doing! My prayers and love are with each of you. Let this special time continue to be a blessing to all of you and to all those who you meet! God Bless all of you!
    In His Name,

  7. It is wonderful to read about your experience. Glad to see the smiles and hear such positive energy in all your words. You are an inspiration. Wonderful work in His name.
    Blessings to all, Lynne

  8. You are doing amazing work! Thank you for building these relationships. We pray for you daily and wish you a continued blessed trip. We especially love and pray for you Chris... The kids were excited to see guy in some photos!

  9. What an inspiration our college students are! So much love,joy and laughter. Nativity is truly blessed with your presence in Monarch

  10. It's comforting and inspiring to read about your daily work. God is truly raining on your efforts and delivering many blessings to both the Monarch and Nativity communities. Our prayers are with all of our missionaries, especially Kelsey who shares her great love for God and compassion for children in all that she does. Love you lots!
    Mom and Dad Brown