Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Haiti Travel Update

Today, the sun was shining in Bohoc! The rain was surely a welcome blessing but brought with it an adjustment to the itinerary. The river was so high that our team was unable to cross the river into Monarch in the morning. Our missionaries proved to be quite adaptable and went with the new plan of going with Fabnise to Pignon to visit a Catholic Church there. The team also had time for quiet reflection and prayer this morning before starting the day.

In the afternoon, the team was able to make it into Monarch and finish the work they started on the child sponsorship program.

Dinner consisted of spaghetti, garlic bread, beets, and coleslaw. The juice they had this evening was delicious!

After dinner, the team had a tough but incredible reflection time. Lots of members opened up and trusted the group enough to share their thoughts and feelings about the journey so far. Team leader Carol is blown away by the awesome bond this group has with one another. All the missionaries prayed hard for the whole team and thanked God for the amazing ways in
which they have grown.

We are so thankful for our missionaries and thank God that he has brought them so close as a group. We pray that He continues to show them amazing things and open their hearts even more.


  1. So happy to hear the rains finally came! I can't wait to learn more details about the Child Sponsorship Program. We are praying for all of you and Bella, we are so happy you get to have this amazing experience! Joe & Jodi

  2. Love reading these updates and reflections each day! And the pictures are wonderful! I can feel the love you are bringing and joy you are sharing with the community and with one another. Praying for continued blessings on each one of you and all those in Monarch.

  3. It amaze me the joy on everyone face! God is good!

  4. Enjoy the budding of many wonderful relationships that will blossom in the future!

  5. Love all the photos! It's great to see everyone working so hard for the good of so many! Love to all. Prayers for everyone!