Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Haiti Travel Update

Our travelers had another amazing day! This evening, Fabnise, our 410 Bridge Haiti coordinator arranged for her father's choir to come in and perform for the group. They sang six worship songs including one in English, "When the Saints Go Marching In." Everyone loved it and had a blast singing along. Then they enjoyed pizza and sugar donuts for dinner. It was great!

The travel team leaders, Nancy, Bruce, Carol, and Chris were kind enough to share a reflection with us about the rest of the day today and the trip in general: 

Wow! We are speechless! Where do you begin to describe the week we have experienced so far? We woke up today and prayed the rosary and dedicated it to the children of Monarch. The rosary has been a central point of our prayer journey in our time here this week.

This morning, there was sense of excitement, but also hesitation to begin our day, knowing it was our last full day with the community. We packed up our belongings and made the long bumpy 30 minute drive to Monarch even though the river was still high from the rains the other day, but our awesome 410 drivers got us through without a problem. Along the road, every day we became more familiar with the neighbor's we passed; from the kids who struck karate poses, to the smiling members of the community on their way to market. When we arrived, as usual, we were greeted by Pastor Arias, and an energetic, enthusiastic community group, ready to lead us in the day's activities. Our 410 coordinator Fabnise arranged for several community members to bring crafts and works of art to provide a market for us to purchase local gifts to remember our trip.

Throughout this week, our purpose has been to build relationships and participate in the daily lives of the people of Monarch. As part of that, Pastor Arias, and other men of the Leadership council walked us through the corn fields and showed us how to plant papaya seedlings. Working together we dug holes, moved dirt and planted seeds to support the future growth of Monarch and contribute to their agriculture and overall economy.

After planting and a delicious lunch of fried chicken, rice and beans, plantains and coleslaw, we spent time with the children by dancing outside the church under the tree to "Wagon Wheel". Many members of the community had smiles on their faces and even the pastor got out there to show us his moves. We even played a quick game of limbo that had everyone laughing.  

Once we caught our breath and rehydrated ourselves, the children were brought into the church to participate in our bible story. Our team pulled from their time travelers skills at Nativity, and we presented the story of Nehemiah. We made sure to remind the children that even through trials, trusting in God will always win out. Shortly after we finished our story, we prayed over the community and especially the children. We gave hugs for a great afternoon and made our way back to Bohoc. The evening was spent relaxing with music, bible study and joyful laughter as we continued to build upon our team relationships on this amazing journey.

Tomorrow we head out early to monarch for our Jericho walk with the community and leadership council, and our eventual trip back to port au Prince. We are happy and excited to have our 410 leader, Dee share a reflection with all of you on our last day with Monarch. She has been a blessing for all of us on this trip and it would not have been complete without her. We would love to introduce you to a new member of our Haiti nativity family. Until then, love prayers and hugs.

Nancy, Bruce, Carol and....
The author of Rebuilding Youth Ministry, Christopher Wesley



  1. Wow, what an amazing and blessed day! Having the ability to engage with the people in so many different ways is wonderful to see. We look forward to hearing more of the stories that go along with the pictures when everyone returns home. We continue to pray for everyone on your last full day and as you begin to prepare for your journey home. Joe & Jodi

  2. We will continue to pray on our side. The updates are so moving and fantastic. Keep up God's work and we are all so proud of each one of you for all that you are doing.

  3. Pop and I have been following you every step of your amazing journey, Bella. We can hardly wait to hear your accounting of the mission first hand when you return. I especially love that the Holy Rosary has been the center of your prayer there. You know how close Our Lady and her Rosary are to my heart.
    Praying for your safe return to us.
    Baba and PopPop

  4. Wonderful! I'm glad to hear you have been able to be so engaged with the community as well as deepen hour faith with the rosary and Bible study.

    The fried chicken and donuts sound great too!