Thursday, July 14, 2016

Haiti Travel Update

Our travelers headed out early this morning to Monarch for a Jericho walk through the village. They walked through the village and joined in prayer with each other and with all they encountered along the way.

Then, they departed for Port-au-Prince around 10am. The team made it to Mon Chez Moi, where they will spend the night before heading home tomorrow. This evening, the team had dinner together and spent time reflecting about their trip by the pool, under the stars. What a week it has been for our team! They have gone out into the world to share their love and their gifts with our brothers and sisters. We couldn't be more proud of them or grateful for their blessed journey.

Tonight, we are also honored to have a special reflection from Dee, our amazing 410 Bridge leader:

Undeniable Tears

The tears are here…right up here.
Always so close these past days.
So close to spilling over.
And they have.
They have flowed.
They have comforted.
They have cleansed.
They have purified.
They have healed.
No strength to hold back.
No desire to wipe away.
No want to forget what these eyes have seen.
The eyes of this overflowing heart have been opened!
Opened to how the rest of the world lives!
Opened to what has never been imagined before.
Opened to God’s deep love for the poor, the meek, the humble.
Opened to an understanding that His grace is truly sufficient in hard places.
Opened to “see” through HIS perspective not my own!
Opened to witness that His love and grace, plus NOTHING else, are enough.
These opened eyes in refined hearts have also seen The FATHER!
For the Son chose to reveal Him!
(“No one knows the Father except the Son AND those to whom the Son chooses to reveal Him.” - Jesus Matthew 11:27)
These opened eyes understand in a new and deeper way His love and desires for the CHURCH to be ONE…as the Father and Son are One!
(And the eyes in the heart of this Protestant leader, have been opened to a new sweet awareness in the POWER in REVERENCE!
They have been opened to a new, clearer understanding of the blessed, highly favored above all women Mother Mary and her deep love for her Son and Savior, OUR SAVIOR, through my connection to her as a mother and a “Mimi”, and I will never be the same!)
All eyes have seen the Heart of Their Father for the beautiful people He sent us to!
All have seen the Heart of Their Father for THEM!
For them as a TEAM, and for EACH of them personally.
They have allowed Their Father to pull them close…so close to “see” His ache for the world!
So close that His broken heart has broken theirs.
And they have not run from the ache, or stepped away from the “uncomfortable”.
They have embraced it!
They have obediently walked toward it!
In consequence, in JOY they serve Selflessly!
In His Grace they have practiced Humility!
In His Strength they have stepped out in Courage!
In His Mercy they have accepted Forgiveness!
In His Compassion they have welcomed Healing.
In His Peace as they have been given Hope.
In His Faithfulness they see clearer!
In TRUST they obey quicker!
“Rooted and established in Love, they Love deeper!"
Gifts unspeakable.
Treasures indescribable.
Tears undeniable.


  1. I am speechless after reading this. Each reflection has helped to connect us all, and I have felt close to you reading how God has worked through you and how you have been so open to everything. God has been with you during this amazing week, and will continue his work in Monarch and in each of you. Praying for an easy trip home & can't wait to see you!

  2. To my fellow students on this trip, I am so incredibly proud of you! I am sure that you all have grown and blossomed through this trip into a newfound faith in the Lord. I wish I was there with you this week, but just watching your journey through Facebook as I prepare to reach the recording studio on Monday has made me so full of joy. I have loved seeing your smiles! I can't wait to hear all about your experience when you get home. God bless you all with a safe travel home, and endless prayers are being sent your way! I love you girls!! -Grace Kelly