Saturday, July 23, 2016

Kenya Travel Update

Our missionaries had an amazing first full day in Kenya! We are lucky to have a first-hand reflection from travel team member, Frank Batavick:

Primary school children at the welcome ceremony
As we were preparing for our mission, we were counseled that when we get to the village of Kiu, God would already have been there. That was an understatement. The people who turned out to greet us with handshakes, hugs, speeches, and songs were as fervent a group of believers as you can imagine.

The village is an almost two hour ride from Machakos, the town where our hotel is. Half of the driving was on the Mombasa Highway, busy with truck, bus, and motorcycle traffic. The other half was on a winding, washboard-like dirt road that offered more shakes and sways than an amusement park ride.

After a warm welcoming ceremony filled with introductions and songs and dancing by the women and children, we met with the leadership team to discuss development issues facing Kiu. Throughout the day, praising God was an essential part of every moment. We finished our time there by attending a wedding in a local church. We even had our picture taken with the bride and groom. Love of God and neighbor suffused everything we experienced on this, our first full day.

Meghan and Dori with the children

Keep our missionaries in your prayers as they continue to do great work with our brothers and sisters in Kiu! Let them know you are praying for them in the comments!


  1. So happy for you all and, especially, my dear friend Robyn. Love and prayers to everyone!!

  2. Wow, God has been opening hearts all around!! So much beauty and so much love for you all!! Thanking God with so much gratitude for such a beautiful first day for you! Praying for open hearts to all of the ways God wants to bless you and love you in the days ahead! love, Kalie from the Haiti team

  3. So excited that your first day was filled with love and laughter. God bless all of you and your new friends in Kiu! Much Love, Kathleen L.