Monday, July 25, 2016

Kenya Travel Update

It was another day filled with enriching experiences for our travel team. Let's hear what Frank had to say about their day:

We enjoyed the most event-filled leg of our trip today. We arrived at a primary school in Kwa Kaluli and were greeted by 130 children, grades 1 through 3, and their teachers. Back home our mission team had already divided itself into two groups. Dori, Meghan, and Brian were in charge of craft activities while Jeff, Tim, Robyn, and Frank took on games and sports. The students alternated visiting with each team.

The crafts team had their kids decorate a "Circle of Hope"- a 6" diameter tag board circle on which they wrote "hope" and then drew happy scenes, like animals, kids at play, the sun, and others that they colored. These will be laminated and given to women in the Towson Detention Center (TDC), local schools, and people in need in the community. In return, the kids were given their own "Circle of Hope" made by inmates at the TDC and others back home.

Meanwhile, the games and sports team opened a duffel bag and shared a collection of balls (soccer balls, volleyballs, footballs, beach balls, and tennis balls) with children whose only ball had been a knotted-up bunch of plastic bags. The funny thing was that regardless of the type of ball we gave them, the soccer-addicted kids put it on the ground and kicked it. The team also had jump ropes and Frisbees for other children to play with. Attempts were made to give some structure to the activities, but organized chaos proved to be the order of the day.

After lunch, we visited a well and water storage tank and a demonstration farm, both funded by our mission partner, 410 Bridge, for the people of North Ngaamba. The well ensures food security for the area by helping to irrigate crops, and the farm shows techniques for improving yield, like no-till farming and composting. The farm's vegetables (yams, corn, beans, onions, kale, etc.) are sold to support the maintenance of the water system. We also visited a homestead farm and a 2-man brick making operation for home builders.

One of the highlights of the day was when, with the homestead owner's permission, Tim was challenged to catch a chicken in the style of the "Rocky" and "Creed" movies. It is harder than you think.

Thank you God for blessing our team with such a wonderful trip so far. Please continue to open their hearts and build relationships with our new friends in Kenya. 


  1. Your trip sounds amazing so far! Would have loved to see Tim try to catch that chicken! Our Haiti team gathered in celebration tonight at Nativity, and lifted you up in prayer. Praying for continued joy in Kenya as you share in God's awesome love.

  2. Hi Kenya Team - So glad to hear your trip is going so well. We continue to pray for all of you and the people of Kiu that God will bless and guide you all as you build this new relationship.