Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Kenya Travel Update

Today was our travelers' final day working in the community of Kiu. Frank was kind enough to send us today's reflection:

We returned to Kiu for this our final day of the mission. On the way we stopped at a health clinic in Ngaamba, built with the assistance of our mission partner, 410 Bridge. The clinic has proven to be a godsend to the locals because of its ability to handle non-life threatening injuries and baby deliveries and offer instruction regarding such topics as diabetes prevention and prenatal care.

When we finally reached Kiu, we were again given "rock star" treatment, as waves of uniform-clad, primary school students rushed our van. The first order of the day was a farewell ceremony that included warm testimonials, as well as singing and dancing by the leadership team, parents, and students. We were told more than once that we were no longer visitors here but friends, brothers, and sisters. We were also asked to take the villagers' love and prayers back to the parishioners of Nativity.

In return, we thanked everyone for their affection and generosity. Tim delivered a brief message with a David and Goliath theme to inspire the villagers to trust in God and believe in themselves to solve their water scarcity problem. We also thought that the mission team should reciprocate with some song and dancing of our own. Dori convinced four of the Kiu women to perform with us as we rendered, "We Are Singing for the Living God." We interpreted the hearty laughter this evoked as high approval, but could be wrong about that.

In the afternoon, Meghan, Brian, and Dori had over 170 students make sunflowers, using a paper plate for the base and yellow and orange construction paper for the petals. Then the kids wrote things for which they were thankful to God on the flower's crown and petals. Seeing this many kids with scissors and glue sticks was a sight to behold.

Meanwhile, Jeff, Tim, Robyn, and Frank played with the kids outside, again using the variety of balls, Frisbees, and jump ropes they brought with them. Jeff and Frank also played "Ring Around the Rosey" with the kids and all became dizzy with delight.

By the end of our stay in Kiu, the language-challenged team had finally mastered saying, "Hello" in Swahili. Throughout the week, "jambo" was uttered as jumbo, jimbo, and even gumbo by our crack group of linguists, much to the confusion of our Kiu friends. However, we trust that what we lack in foreign language skills is surely compensated for by the love and caring we showed for all.

Our missionaries had an amazing journey in Kenya and it sounds like they made some new, lifelong friends. We will keep you updated as we hear travel updates on their trip back home. Thank you for your comments to our travelers! Keep the prayers coming!

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  1. "We were told more than once that we were no longer visitors here but friends, brothers, and sisters." -- you have all achieved so much in just one week! The connections that you have made and the joy you have shared with our new friends is so evident. Thank you all for what you have given this week & for the love you are bringing home from Kiu to all of us. God bless you and much love, -- Ellen