Friday, June 30, 2017

Kenya Travel Update

Our Kenya mission medical team arrived safely in Nairobi and was taken to 67 Hotel where members will catch-up on their sleep after being in the air over 16 hours, plus a nearly four hour lay-over in Frankfurt. Thanks for your many prayers!

After a team breakfast and morning devotion, they will depart for Kiu. There they can expect a warm welcoming ceremony filled with prayer, songs, and dancing. They will then be introduced to the community coordinator, leadership council, local pastors, and community members at Kiu Primary School. After lunch, the team will tour the village to learn more about its people and needs. Before leaving for the guest house where they will be staying each night, the group will set-up the medical clinic at AIC Kiu Dispensary. Sunday is devoted to worship and fellowship, and work begins in earnest on Monday. Stay tuned.

Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear; then your righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the LORD will be your rear guard.
~ Isaiah 58:8

Haiti Travel Update

The team arrived to Port-au-Prince safely and on schedule, met up with their in-country 410 Bridge guide, and began the last leg of their travel - a four hour drive north into the mountains to Bohoc, just outside of Monarch. The team will be staying there in a guest house known as Haiti Unlocked for the week. After a long day of travel, the team arrived at their guest house and had a late supper of chicken noodle soup around 8:00. They will spend some time together reflecting on their day of travels before turning in. They are exhausted from their long journey, we pray that they rest well tonight for their first day in Monarch tomorrow.

Monarch is a farming community with a population of approximately 3,000 people, and is located in a dry, mountainous area of the Central Plateau region close to Bohoc. The community faces great economic challenges. The average monthly income is less than $10 and most of the population is unemployed. In spite of these challenges, Monarch has a phenomenal Leadership Council and the local church is a strong, vibrant place where the community comes together.

Tomorrow the team will meet with the Leadership Council, tour the community, and meet the teachers and students they will be sharing life with this week. Check back here for more updates as their journey unfolds!

Don't forget to leave your prayers and words of love and encouragement in the comments!

Haiti Travel Update

And, they're off! Our amazing team of 11 missionaries gathered before daybreak this morning to depart for Haiti! Members of the Home Team and friends and family joined in prayer, led by Home Team Leader Jen. After many hugs and goodbyes, the team loaded up in 3 cars driven by Home Team members and headed off to BWI for their 8:30am flight. From there they will travel to Atlanta, Georgia for a short layover, and then on to Port au Prince with an expected arrival time of 2:40pm.

Please join us in praying for their safe travels as they embark on this incredible journey in faith, and for the work they will be doing with the teachers and students in our partner community of Monarch.

Heavenly Father,

We are so grateful to you for sending this amazing team of missionaries. You have called each one of them by name to be your witnesses to the ends of the earth:

Elizabeth Laffey
Chris Buchko
Sarah Cummings
Adeola Williams
Brian Phebus
Casey Brown
Joelle Conoscenti
Kelsey Brown
Mary Bohn
Sarah DeVan
Will Kelly

Please send your Holy Spirit with them on their journey. May they travel safely, serve humbly, and love completely. We know they will experience both sadness and joy on this trip, please help them to turn to you in their moments of need and to praise you in their moments of gladness. Please keep them strong in body and spirit, and protect them from any opposition they may face.

For those of us staying behind, we ask for your peace during our moments of worries and anxieties as we support our team from home. Help us all to remember to trust in you and your great plans for us.

Finally, we ask for your blessings on the Community of Monarch and the work that needs to be done there, and our partnership with them through The 410 Bridge. The love of the entire Nativity community is carried to them through these 11 amazing missionaries.

God, we love you, we need you, and we trust you.
We pray all of this through Christ our Lord,

Acts 1:8 "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Kenya Travel Update

June 29 is the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, two of the Church’s first missionaries. Following in their big footsteps, the Kenya medical mission team met at noon today at Nativity. Father Michael was there to say goodbye.

The mission members and the home team joined hands in a large circle outside of church, and Director of Missions, Brian Crook led the group in prayer. He asked for blessings for the team and reminded them that they represent all parishioners as they spread Christ’s message of hope and caring to the ends of the earth.

Four vehicles then departed for Dulles International Airport in Virginia, carrying the mission members, their luggage, and medical supplies. The group arrived safely with plenty of time for check-in. The flight departed at 5:30 p.m. for Frankfurt, Germany where the team will have a few hours of layover. Next stop— Nairobi, Kenya. There the team will be picked up and taken to a nearby hotel. When they rise, they will journey to the medical clinic in the village of Kiu to begin their duties.

May God be with them on their journey. Keep them in your prayers and feel free to share some words of encouragement in the comments!



Saturday, June 24, 2017

Appalachia Service Project - Trip Update

After a wonderful week of successful construction projects and making strong connections with the community, our ASP missionaries are headed home!

We are so amazingly proud of what they accomplished this week and can't wait to hear all the stories they have to share.

Keep the team in your prayers as they journey back to Nativity today. They will certainly be greeted with big hugs from their family, friends, and loved ones who missed them while they were away!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Appalachia Service Project - Trip Update

It was another day of hard, physical labor as our ASP team continued to work on the projects they began earlier in the week. One homeowner was so excited about his new staircase, the team caught him hugging it!

Another highlight of the day was a picnic where the families joined our missionaries for food and fellowship. The group enjoyed burgers, hot dogs, and sides. After eating, everyone went to a nearby park that had playground equipment, horseshoes, and plenty of space for frisbee, football, and basketball. Team members of all ages had fun running around with the little children of the families we are working with.

This time to spend with one another brought the whole group closer as they realized just how NOT different we all really are. One of our missionaries, Michele, noted, "we are all just blessed and burdened in different ways."

The team is thrilled with all the love, support, and prayers we have been sending from home. Please continue to keep this amazing group in your prayers. Leave them a note below to let them know we are still praying for them and how very proud we are of what they have already accomplished!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Appalachia Service Project - Trip Update

Our ASP missionaries had a wonderful and productive day today! The weather is cooperating and providing the team with plenty of beautiful sunshine. 

Today's construction projects included installing bathroom flooring, drywall, painting, underpinning, roof installation, and digging large holes! All team members are striving for excellent work to provide the families with the best possible repairs and renovations. We are blessed to have this talented group representing our church and doing such amazing things!

The team also continues to enjoy interacting and working with the members of the other churches. It's invigorating to share time and fellowship with others that share our desire to serve. 

We are so proud of what the missionaries have accomplished so far and are praying for continued success for the remainder of the week. Keep checking back here for daily updates. 

Thank you so much for your prayers! Feel free to share a blessing or words of encouragement for our travelers in the comments!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Appalachia Service Project - Trip Update

It was an eventful second day for our team in West Virginia! Our missionaries are starting each day with devotions and are staying mindful of why they are on this journey.

Today's tasks included roofing, flooring, working on stairs, underpinning, spackling, and more! Some team members even worked on keeping the group safe from wasps. Our young team members are continuing to impress by showing great initiative and learning new skills.

We also hear that the team now has the recipe for Hardee's biscuits? We will have to get the full story on that when they get home!

As the trip progresses, all of our travelers are forming deeper connections with the families we are working with. They are also enjoying getting to spend time with the missionaries from other parishes and developing connections with them as well.

This evening will bring dinner, meetings for trip leaders, and more fellowship and boding with team members.

The group wants to send lots of love to their families back home. They are truly thankful for all the prayers we have been sending!

Let's keep the prayers coming! Comment below with messages of support for the team. They still have a lot of work ahead of them!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Appalachia Service Project - Trip Update

Day one of work is complete for our Appalachia Service Project missionaries!

The day began in prayer with the full group of 30 joining together to ask for God's blessings on the day and week ahead. Our team had a full day of hard work, much of it in the rain. But that didn't stop them! Trip leaders especially noticed the younger missionaries really stepping up with great initiative, enthusiasm, and kindness.

The biggest takeaway from today's activities was the great connections that are being formed. The group felt a strong bond with the families that they are working with. The teams are also getting to work with some folks from the three other churches in Brenton this week. Some of our missionaries even met some furry friends and couldn't resist taking some photos!

After dinner, the team took some time to reflect on the first day and some got to unwind with some friendly card games.

Overall, the group is feeling very blessed to be there and they are looking forward to tomorrow's work day.

Thank you so much for your prayers for our team! Please keep praying and feel free to share words of encouragement for our travelers in the comments below.