Thursday, June 8, 2017

2017 Global Missions Sendoff

We are very excited for our largest group of missionaries ever traveling from Nativity to serve in our partner communities this summer and fall! Check out who is going where below -- click on the pictures to enlarge -- and remember to check back here to read stories from all five teams throughout the summer and fall. You can sign up to have updates sent right to your inbox by subscribing on the top right of the page. Thanks for your prayers and support of all our 2017 missionaries!

West Virginia - October 2017
Michael Hohn, Barb Mastellone, Eddie Pelatti, Charles Fern, Michael McGarvey, Jeff Swartzengruber, Steve Seipp, Steve Hanssen, Matt Fick, Jim Rosner, Patrick McLeod, Joan McWilliams, Jennifer Hare, Isabella Schatz, Lynda McGinnis, Melinda Capone, Steve Schraml, Mary Ellen Kokoska, Beth Kiesel (left to right/back to front)
Not pictured: Fred Derrick, Jason Fitzsimmons, Grace LaLomia, Alex Schlee, Sharon Smetona

West Virginia - June 2017
Michael Downes, Mason Gage, Jack Guidera, Connor Guidera, James Downes, Jonathan Issing, Charles Fern, Michael McGarvey, Matt Ellis, Brian Ellis, Joe Solinsky, William Fern, Michele Connor, Michael Elardo, John Downes, Jordy Elardo, Stephanie Downes, Carmel Etzel, Heidi Gage, Allie Charney, Elizabeth Bathon, McKayla Charney, Julia Batavick, Jean Dannenfelser (left to right/back to front)
Not pictured: Caid Dickens, TJ Dickens, Matthew Ellis, Marty Etzel, Jack Kemp, Keelty Wyatt

Haiti - October 2017
Michael Wilmot, Bob Barczak, Mitch Crook, Chris McCormick, Michael Sullivan, Caitlin de Grouchy, Kathy Wilmot, Pilar Lazzati, Ellen Franklin, Dianne Gilbert, Cindy Dohony (left to right/back to front)

Haiti - July 2017
 Joelle Conoscenti, Casey Brown, Chris Buchko, Brian Phebus, Elizabeth Laffey, Lauren Woods, Will Kelly, Sarah Devan, Mary Bohn (left to right/back to front)
Not pictured: Kelsey Brown, Sarah Cummings, Adeola Williams

Kenya - July 2017
Mark Scheuerman, Liz Scheuerman, Dr. Hugo Benalcazar, Paula Benalcazar, Jackie Snyder, Gina Knorr, Dr. Lynn Chincheck, Mia Rochfort, Lisa Azzaro (left to right/back to front)
Not pictured: Madeline Heard

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