Sunday, July 2, 2017

Haiti Travel Update

It was another beautiful day in Monarch! While we were celebrating Sunday Mass here at Nativity, the team celebrated Mass with our friends in Haiti. Our very own Will Kelly jumped in with his guitar to join in leading worship with the Haitian drummers!

Of the two churches in Monarch, the Catholic church is the most difficult to get to by the route our missionaries have to use to come into the village. The trek includes crossing through a river on foot, and then a fairly steep hike up the hillside. Sometimes the river is too high for our teams to cross, but today they were blessed with excellent conditions.

Since they had made it across the river, they were able to go further into the community and visit with families in their homes. The team joined together in prayer with each family they met, and made true spiritual connections with the community and with each other.

After lunch, they made their way back across the river to spend the afternoon teaching the children about Jonah and the Whale. The team acted out the story while their wonderful translators provided narration for all to understand. Then they spent time coloring with the children, and generally having fun with community members of all ages.

Our missionaries were having so much fun and forming such strong relationships that they didn't want to leave the village today, though tired and fighting the heat. We pray that they have restful sleep again tonight so they can be ready to get back to their friends in the morning!


  1. So happy to hear that you were able to cross the river to go to mass! It was too high for us last summer. And your home visits!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. Oh my goodness this is such a blessing!! This post and picture of Will brings tears of joy! Continue to pray for your time in Haiti...for your strength and health, that the Holy Spirit be with you all and that your time there is blessed beyond measure. Cannot wait to hear all about it!!! XOXO

  3. "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." I knew you could do this! Love SW

  4. What a wonderful experience for each of you! Imagine the faith that it takes to make that trek every week. I'm not sure many of us would do that. Can't wait to see the video of "Jonah and the Inflatable Whale"! Continuing to Pray for you.

  5. Haiti11- you guys are doing awesome!!! It's been wonderful to hear how you are engaged with the people of Monarch, and embracing all of the wonderful experiences in the community. Stay strong, patient, energized... and hydrated. Lol. We are praying for you every day and love hearing your updates! Blessings to all of you!

  6. Awesome! So happy you guys could make it over to celebrate Mass. I remember worshipping with the community last year and just being so moved by the rawness and enthusiasm. So proud of the team that's going there to continue the great partnership Nativity formed a year ago. Please know that you are all in my prayers, so blessed to have served with so many of you over the years.

    If any of you are unsure about where you are or afraid to take the next step this week, just remember God has you right where He wants you. You are making a huge impact on the lives of the residents of Monarch and one another. The relationships that I have formed from Haiti were huge with helping me get where I am today. You all are His light, shining continuously and the world is a better place with you being a part of it.

  7. You are all amazing!! Awesome work Will! We love you and are praying for the missions continued success.

  8. my beautiful Haiti homies Sarah and Kelsey and the rest of this incredible team— it is truly beautiful to see God loving you and loving through you. Being loved by God overflows your heart, my friend Kaitlyn says. Overflows your heart and propels movement. Love does stuff. Love jumps on a plane and heads out to a crazy special village in Haiti. And LOVE CROSSES RIVERS!!!!! Amen amen amen!!!! Trust God that He created each one of you with unshakable goodness, each one of you is loved into existence. And with that TRUST that the love you have to give is beautiful and worthy of being received.

    BE YOU!!!! Be weird!!!! Love fully!!!! Be goofy!!! Be authentic!!! BE YOU — because truly that is the best gift.

    With a heart overflowwwwwwwing with gratitude and love,
    Kalie Paranzino

  9. Love the updates! So blessed that you are experience God's love ❤️ during this week. Praying for you all and so proud of your mission work!

  10. Hello my Haiti homies!

    You have come back for me!!! I have waited ALL YEAR for you to return.

    Yes.... (pause as you read out loud for dramatic effect).... yes, it is me, Jaxq! I finally got wifi out here in the cornfield! I've really found a home here among the corn, special thanks actually to Dog who has faithfully been watching over me all year.

    I hope that you've been having one shell of a time so far and that your eggventures here continue to be overflowing with grace and blessing.

    You all truly are an eggstremely special squad of people and I am eggcited for the remaining days we have together.

    Trust that God is with you, holding you and loving you through both the eggstreme joys and the eggstreme heart hurt too.

    I hope you share some good yolks among yourselves and that if you haven't yet, you know that's it's not too late to come out of your shell, as we eggs like to say!

    From your once hard-boiled, now sunny-side up friend,

  11. You guys are doing amazing things!!! Sarah and Kelsey, my Haiti homies, love you guys so much and I know you're bringing light and love to this community. All my other wonderful travelers, you guys are doing amazing things and we are so blessed to know all of you.


  12. It warms my heart that Nativity is able to send young people "to the ends of the world" and make an impact through God's work. I pray they He continues to shower you with grace. Have fun! Soak it all in!
    Thanks for the updates and pictures! The river trek pales in comparison to the Ridgely Road traffic on Sundays ��
    Gin Gin Diokno

  13. It's hard to imagine having to crossing a river in order to get to mass, and knowing that you can't go if the river is too high. It certainly shows the faith of the people in Monarch. Can't wait to hear about your home visits! Sending love!