Monday, July 3, 2017

Haiti Travel Update

Our team rose early again this morning for breakfast, prayer, and journey to Monarch. Today was a wonderful day full of work, learning, and fun! In the morning, our missionaries helped the community with building a bench for their new school. The work was very physical, but spirited, as they carried buckets of water up from the river for mixing cement - three times!
Nativity Missionary Adeola, helping to mix cement

The team carrying water up from the river
In the afternoon they taught a two-hour language lesson to the children using flashcards. The students learned English words for different colors, and other simple objects like "hand," "pencil," and "food." We have some fantastic educational professionals on this trip, and we know these children are learning a lot this week!

Throughout the day there were opportunities for breaks, and the chance to play with the children outside. They organized a soccer kick-off , where Casey showed his excellent goalkeeping skills!

Once again, the team found that their day in Monarch was ending too soon, and they had to head back to Bohoc. After a hearty dinner of beef stew with rice, beans, and spicy coleslaw, the team came together again for their daily debriefing and reflection time. They continue to be in awe of the beautiful things that God is showing them this week.

Tomorrow brings another day in the village, and more fellowship with their new friends. We know the team is exhausted, and we pray that they are getting good rest each night so they can continue to give Monarch everything they have this week. We are so proud of all they have done so far, and we know there are more great things to come!


  1. Thanks Jen for your daily posts to keep the families at home informed. We're so grateful to see the photos of everyone enjoying God's common love for all humanity. Casey proves that boys will be boys no matter where on Earth they can play! So glad to see Kelsey getting a head start on her new first grade teaching job with those beautiful Haitian children! Love to all. Keep the faith.

  2. You're all doing so many amazing things for the community and I'm so happy for you guys to have these opportunities!! I loved seeing that you were able to play guitar with them yesterday Will! We love you guys!

  3. Each update amazes me more, my wonderful team!! Getting into mid-week, I know you're feeling the heat and the fatigue, and all kinds of other things as you continue your journey. Continuing to cover each one of you in prayer for rest, health, energy, and boundless love!

  4. Go team! Love hearing the teaching that is going on, and no doubt Sarah is doing an awesome job! Our small group is praying for you Sarah! Keep up God's work. Love you all!

  5. Sending love and prayers to the Haiti team! You are doing great work. Hugs to Sarah D! ❤️ You go girl. -Mom

  6. Kudos Haiti 11!!! That was some serious hard work yesterday going back and forth to the river! You guys are troopers! Remember to rest and rehydrate to stay energized and healthy. We are praying hard for all of you and loving the daily updates. Love and blessings!

  7. Love each update!! Continue to pray for your strength and that the Holy Spirit remains with you and in you! Love you Will!!

  8. The spirit is moving in all of you. Blessings beyond belief!