Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Haiti Travel Update

Today we have a belated Independence Day greeting from the Haiti Team! Here is how they spent July 4:

Live from Haiti...

Cockle - doodle - do

Cockle - doodle - do

Have you ever been awaken by a rooster? Today he seemed very insistent that we got up right away, and so we rolled out of bed excited to start a new day but exhausted from all we had done before. Breakfast was pancakes and syrup and fruit. It wasn't IHOP but people seemed to enjoy it. We wonder what we're having tomorrow... hmm?!?


Our 410 drivers are amazing, the road is also amazing, our translator calls it bumpy. He has a great sense of humor.

Monarch relies on farming and today we had a first hand look (we also got down and dirty) at the beginning stages of planting papaya. The soil had to be prepared; soil was dug from the sugar cane "field" and transported by wheelbarrow over to a covered work area and mixed with dried manure. Mixing was initially done using the rake and then hands (to break up large chunks of soil and manure). This fertilized soil was then put into small bags and the bags were lined up next to each other in rows.

A little farming 101: the soil in the bags will be watered later. Then, papaya seeds will be planted and left to germinate in the bag of soil, the little seedlings will be planted, to ultimately grow into papaya trees.

Hot, sweaty and being chased by bugs, we weary travelers went back to the village to rest, nap, eat and prepare for later in the day when we would share the improved version of the story of Jonah and the Whale (the Haitians say, Jonas and the Big Fish - no, we don't know how to write it in Creole!).

What a story! What a telling! Jonas gets swallowed by the Big Fish and spit out on dry land. Moral: You can't hide from God. God puts you exactly where he wants you. After the dramatic (somewhat) retelling, the children colored, we think we noticed a few Picassos among the crowd. After cleanup, a few hundred photos, high fives, and hugs we slowly (we would have hurried but we were super hot, and sweaty and tired) packed up our belongings and climbed into the air - conditioned comfort of the truck, and was whisked, shaken and maybe even stirred (we're not kidding) all the way back to the guest house.

Happy Independence Day Nativity Family and all our family and friends!!!


Please continue your prayers for our wonderful team, and the community of Monarch! 


  1. So exciting to hear about all you are learning and sharing with the community of Monarch! We are praying for you all and for the people of Monarch as you continue to work together this week! - Nancy Galligan

  2. This is hilarious! Thanks for the laughs, and the holiday greetings. Prayers for all of you on your last day in Monarch, and for safe travels tomorrow! We can't wait to see you and hug you and hear more stories! (And see pictures of this epic Bible tale!)

  3. Prayers for a blessed last day in Monarch and safe travels ahead. Love to all!! Love you and miss you Will...cannot wait to hear every detail!! Xoxo ~ Holly (Mom)

  4. I'm feeling a little queasy just reading about your ride�� Your team will think York RD is as smooth as silk ride when you come home.
    It must have been delightful to watch the children perform the Jonah story!

  5. Happy 4th of July Haiti farmers. Yes , hot, sweaty , tired - that is exactly where God needs you , side - by- side with your new friends doing what they do in their daily lives. We are praying for you and can't wait to hear your stories and share your joy. Bruce

  6. It's awesome that you guys got to celebrate the 4th of July!! Praying for you to get home safely! I miss you Will and love all of you!! :)

  7. Haiti 11! You're in the final stretch and it sounds like this has been one amazing week. We are so proud of you and cannot wait to hear more when you return home. Have a wonderful final day in the community today and know that we are praying for you and the tough time of saying farewell. We look forward to welcoming you home safe and sound tomorrow night. Prayers, hugs and love to all of you!