Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Home Team Update

For every mission team that Nativity sends out, there is another, equally important team known as the Home Team. From kick-off to celebration, Home Team members are with our missionaries every step of the way through prayerful and emotional support. They attend all preparation meetings and assist with airport transportation, and anything else the traveling team needs. It's a wonderful way to support NativityMissions without having to leave home!

This evening, members of the Kenya and Haiti Home Teams, along with family and friends, came together at Nativity for daily Rosary at 5:00 and Mass at 5:30 to pray for our teams on the ground. Team members who were unable to make it to Nativity took time at 5:00 to say their own Rosaries and other prayers to join from afar. We truly felt God's presence with us this evening, and we know He is with our teams and guiding them in their work this week. As we all came together, we marveled over the amazing stories we are hearing from our missionaries, and talked about how we couldn't be more proud of their strength, courage, and faith.

Please take a moment to include our missionaries, their families, and the Home Teams in your prayers. Feel free to share your prayers and thoughts in the comments. 

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    ...such beautiful and humble hearts...