Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Kenya Travel Update

There were many people lined up to visit the clinic when our medical team arrived for work Monday morning. The big and blessed news is that they helped to deliver a baby! We hope that mom and infant are resting comfortably.

The team has only intermittent Wi-Fi access, so we have not been able to receive many timely reports. However, we did get the following account from Kenya team member, Gina Knorr describing the group’s activities on Sunday:

This morning we started by going to church. We broke into three separate groups, each with a dedicated community leader, and all of us had different yet impactful experiences. The first group hopped off the bus to go to the Salvation Army church. Little did they know that their experience would be an open air ceremony! They hiked down a ravine and paraded through the town, ending up in the market where they prayed, sang, and spread the love of God. It was an event full of emotion.

Another group stopped at the AIC, a church that had the largest Mass attendance in the whole community. Team members were embraced by parishioners when they stood before them and gave their testimony. After Mass, the group was invited to have lunch with the local pastor where they shared a warm meal and lots of prayers.

The third group attended Gospel Tabernacle, a church full of energy, and loud and vibrant. One woman sang for 45 minutes straight and never took a break!

After lunch, we separated into two groups and conducted home visits. One group visited with Agnes, a widowed mother of seven adopted children. She adopted each child after he or she lost their parents. Her home was simple, but easily met the needs of her family. Agnes had a gorgeous garden filled with bright and colorful flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables. Our group was able to play with her children and make awesome relationships. The warm embraces and open love touched everyone's heart.

The second group met with Nicholas, an elderly man who suffered a stroke a few years ago. He has made much improvement and is able to walk and speak, but there are still some residual effects. In fact, his symptoms have worsened because he has not had access to the necessary medication. We prayed with him and for him and encouraged him to visit us at the medical clinic tomorrow. His heart was filled with joy as we prayed over him and read a scripture passage that spoke to him. As evening approached, we had a long but beautiful ride back to our guest house where we enjoyed a warm African meal— a great end to a day of amazing events.

Preach the Gospel. Use words if necessary. 
~ St. Francis of Assisi


  1. What an amazing experience you are all having! By attending church in the community and visiting people in their homes, you are deepening relationships each day. And welcoming a new life into the world is something I know you will always remember. We are thinking of you & praying for you constantly!! God bless each of you

  2. What an amazing experience in the first day of the clinic, and for church on Sunday! I can only imagine the kind of impact you're feeling in Kenya. We continue to pray for you every day. Sending much love and blessings!

  3. Continued love and prayers to you, Team Kenya! I can't tell you enough how awesome you all are for stepping out of your comfortable daily lives to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We are so blessed to have you representing the Nativity community in Kiu!

  4. So cool... continued prayers for you all!

  5. Prayers up for all for health, safety, stamina & grace"

  6. Prayers up for all for health, safety, stamina & grace as you carry out your mission!