Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Haiti Travel Update

The team had yet another wonderful day in Monarch, nurturing their new relationships with community members of all ages.

Today we are blessed to have a reflection from one of our missionaries currently on the ground, Adeola Williams:

Do you know what love is?
Love is:
Letting your sister rest her head in your lap and not moving even though you so badly want to play with the other children.
Holding your brother's hand as you walk across the river to go to church.
Taking turns and making sure everyone has a chance to play jump rope.
These are just a few instances of love among children that I have witnessed since I've arrived at Haiti. As I observe familial and inter-village interactions I wonder, "Can this love be taught? And if so, how do I teach my 4th graders about this love?"

My goal for being in Haiti was to witness love in action, not a love that comes from an obligation, but a genuine, automatic, unselfish love and it only took two days of being in Haiti to find evidence of that.

I'm looking forward to the next two days, I want to observe more and engage in the experience of love. I'm also somewhat anxious to go home and share what I have learned and experienced with others, especially the children at my school.

What an amazing world it would be if we could open our hearts and love each other, just the same way these Haitians love each other because it truly embodies God's love.


Please continue to pray for good health, strength, and continued blessings for our missionaries and all those in the Monarch community! Show the team your love in the comments!


  1. "Love in action" - awesome reflection, Adeola. You are all bringing your individual gifts to Monarch & receiving blessings back. The Home Teams will be gathering at 5 pm on July 5 for rosary & mass for you & your fellow travelers in Kenya. Praying for continued grace & strength for each of you!

  2. Beautiful reflection! We are praying for you all every day! So proud of what you are doing- keep up the amazing work! -Erin

  3. Thank you for these beautiful words! We can go to Haiti and teach them some words and songs in English, but what they can teach us about LOVE is far more valuable. Let's all take a second today to soak in this lesson.

    Continued prayers for all of you today! We'll be doing rosary and daily mass to cover you in love and prayer tonight at 5! <3 <3

  4. God bless you Haiti team. In awe and wonder over the details shared so far about your trip and learning so much from all of you. Such a beautiful reflection Adeola. They will know we are Christians by our love. By our love. Much love and prayers for each you. Kerry F

  5. Love is...that picture and all the amazing people in it!! :) Love and continued prayers to all of you! Hi Roomie!! Love, Amie

  6. Adeola , your words are inspirational! There is no greater gift to bring home than the witnessing of love and acts of daily love among the children. God has placed that love in your heart to bring home and share with everyone in your life.
    We are so proud of this team and all that they have done to shed God's light on the community of Monarch this week. I pray for your strength of spirit , endless energy and willingness to open your hearts and love all! Bruce