Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Haiti Travel Update

Monday was an exciting day for our team! The focus of this mission is to provide business education and training to local entrepreneurs in Monarch. The class of about approximately 20 adult learners was formed by the Leadership Council through an application/interview/selection process. Those chosen were able to demonstrate a strong natural business ethic, and a desire to learn and grow their businesses through this program. They began their 25 course series prior to our arrival, so that our team can use their God-given talents in business as they get into lessons concerning start-up costs, profits/losses, supply and demand, etc. The course series is facilitated by a local Haitian vendor contracted by the 410 Bridge, and our missionaries are there to assist, bringing much value to their lessons through their experience with business here in the US.

The morning consisted of a classroom-style lesson, and the team got to know the class, learning about their different businesses and their individual goals. The team and the class then broke into discussion groups, assisted by translators, to get a feel of where these business leaders are, and to continue with these valuable lessons that will help their businesses grow. In the afternoon, they spent some time visiting with specific business owners to see their assets and operations. Once again, they found that their day in Monarch was over too soon, and they had to return to Bohoc for the evening.

After some rest and a delicious dinner of beef stew, rice, pumpkin bread and fried plantains, our missionaries gathered for their evening reflection. They are impressed with the work ethic of the business owners they are working with, and their desire to learn and grow. There was also a sense of sadness, as they will be leaving on Wednesday after such a short time getting to know their new friends. There is comfort, though, in knowing that they are an important "link in the chain" of the relationship between Monarch and Nativity. Teams have come before them, and more teams will be sent in the future - each team bringing something special and valuable to the relationship, all for God's glory.

Please keep the team and their students in your prayers today!

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